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QMy lap­top is out of ac­tion so I’m hav­ing to use an an­cient (sec­ond-gen­er­a­tion) Nexus 7 tablet. Con­trol is ei­ther via very am­a­teur fin­ger tap­ping at the on-screen key­board to­gether with an un­re­spon­sive sty­lus, or a Blue­tooth key­board in use for the first time. My pro­duc­tiv­ity is cur­rently se­verely cur­tailed, and I re­ally miss not be­ing able to use a mouse. Is there any way to use a mouse with my tablet? I cur­rently have two PC mice — a wire­less Log­itech and very old wired Dell. David Bens­ley

AYou can, and it’s re­ally easy. All you need is what’s known as a USB OTG (on-the-go) ca­ble, which can be bought very cheaply (99p from Ama­zon, for ex­am­ple, from www., pic­tured be­low). Pop the small (male) end of this into your Nexus 7 and then slot your mouse’s stan­dard USB con­nec­tor into the OTG ca­ble’s (fe­male) socket. No fur­ther setup is re­quired. A mouse pointer should ap­pear on your tablet’s screen in just a few sec­onds.

In­ci­den­tally, we’re as­sum­ing that the wire­less mouse has its own USB wire­lesstrans­mit­ter don­gle. This should work just as well when plugged into the OTG ca­ble. How­ever, be warned that your Nexus will have to power the wire­less con­nec­tion and this will cause the bat­tery to drain much quicker when­ever you’re us­ing the mouse.

Con­nect a USB OTG ca­ble like this to con­trol your tablet us­ing a mouse

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