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In Is­sue 503 (News, page 7) you asked read­ers whether we’ve used Ama­zon’s loop­hole for £10 re­funds. I can con­firm that the com­pany of­fers re­funds for a wide va­ri­ety of items (books, DVDS, ca­bles etc). I’m slightly ashamed to ad­mit this be­cause it may ex­pose me as an Ama­zon ad­dict, but I tend to buy some­thing ev­ery day from the site. With so many items turn­ing up on my door­mat, it’s in­evitable that some won’t work - and it’s these that I claim re­funds for. I would con­sider it a real has­sle to have to pack­age and post them back to Ama­zon, so I’m glad that the com­pany takes it on trust that they are bro­ken.

I would strongly urge peo­ple not to abuse this loop­hole, though. Ama­zon may be drown­ing in money, but it won’t want to be taken for a ride. I’m sure it would close the loop­hole in a flash if the trickle of re­funds turned into a flood.

Dawn Ashby

I’m very ner­vous about the im­pact of Ama­zon’s £10 re­fund loop­hole. What hap­pens if cus­tomers get so used to it that they ex­pect other sites, with­out Ama­zon’s bil­lions, to also pro­vide the loop­hole? I run a small busi­ness on­line, sell­ing car ac­ces­sories. There’s no way I could sur­vive if my cus­tomers en masse de­manded re­funds for small pur­chases. I would urge read­ers to think twice about us­ing it, and con­sider how or­di­nary busi­nesses may be af­fected.

Barry Fisher

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