Asus VX279Q

PC MON­I­TOR ❘ £205 from Ama­zon

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A mon­i­tor with im­age prob­lems

Our first thought on un­pack­ing the Asus VX279Q was “drat”. Not be­cause we didn’t like the look of it. Quite the op­po­site: we liked it so much that we thought Asus must have sent us the wrong model. For just over £200, we didn’t ex­pect a screen that al­most goes edge to edge (the bezels are only 8mm wide) in a slim case with a sleekly un­clut­tered back panel. But that’s what you get. The ring-shaped stand of­fers no ad­just­ment ex­cept a bit of tilt, but still, this is a piece of hard­ware you’d be very happy to have on your desk and come back to ev­ery day. In fact, it’s al­most a shame to turn it on. Like the smaller VC239H (see our re­view, Is­sue 490), the VX279Q uses Asus’ ‘Eye Care’ tech­nol­ogy, which op­tion­ally re­duces the amount of blue light emit­ted. Re­search in­di­cates that sit­ting in front of a bluish screen for long pe­ri­ods can af­fect your sleep pat­terns, so this is sen­si­ble, al­though it won’t suit colour-crit­i­cal jobs like photo edit­ing. And that goes for the VX279Q in gen­eral, be­cause in our tests it only cov­ered 88 per cent of the SRGB colour range. That’s much bet­ter than the pricier and chunkier AOC I2775PQU (see Is­sue 503), which only man­aged 78 per cent, but as with that model we found the VX279Q’S back­light wasn’t evenly bright across the screen. De­spite good con­trast and the wide view­ing an­gles we’d ex­pect from a modern IPS LCD panel, the over­all im­age qual­ity just wasn’t great. Turn­ing on Asus’ Vivid­pixel fea­ture made it look worse. Full HD at 27 inches is start­ing to feel a bit coarse in to­day’s ul­tra­res­o­lu­tion world, and ar­ti­fi­cial sharp­en­ing just won’t cut it any­more.

Touch-sen­si­tive con­trols make fid­dling with the set­tings harder than it should be, and there’s no USB hub to bring your PC’S ports con­ve­niently to your desk­top. The HDMI in­put has MHL sup­port for An­droid phones and tablets, though (iphone and ipad users will need Ap­ple’s Light­ning Dig­i­tal AV Adapter), and there are Dis­play­port and VGA ports too, as well as ba­sic built-in speak­ers. To keep down the size of the case, the power sup­ply has been hived off into a sep­a­rate brick, but for some­thing you’ll leave per­ma­nently plugged in that’s no prob­lem.

There’s no deny­ing this is a rea­son­ably priced mon­i­tor, but what mat­ters is the screen, and it’s not quite good enough to get our rec­om­men­da­tion. Drat.

A sleek and at­trac­tive de­sign, but it cru­cially fails the screen test

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