Save mo­bile data on your iphone

What you need: iphone or ipad Time re­quired: 10 min­utes

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InIs­sue 503 (page 40) we showed you how to keep track of your mo­bile-data us­age on your An­droid phone. If you use an iphone or ipad and have a monthly limit on your mo­bile

data, then the free app My Data Man­ager will help you keep on top of it. It lets you set your monthly data limit, then ac­ti­vate use­ful no­ti­fi­ca­tions to en­sure you never ex­ceed it.


In­stall and open the app (, tap the box at the bot­tom to agree to the T&CS, then tap ‘Let’s get started’. Next, tap Later on the first two screens, tap ‘Yes, alert me!’ on the ‘Data us­age’ screen, then tap Al­low to con­firm that. Fi­nally, tap ‘No thanks’ on the ‘Help us im­prove My Data Man­ager’ sec­tion. The app tells you how much data you’ve used 1 us­ing mo­bile data 2 and Wi-fi 3 , and in roam­ing mode 4 . It also es­ti­mates your monthly data us­age 5 based on your cur­rent us­age.


Se­lect the mo­bile-data sec­tion, tap the green Add Your Plan but­ton, then tap Set In­di­vid­ual Plan. Here, you can set your plan type (re­cur­ring or pre-paid 1 ), set your data-re­newal pe­riod (op­tions in­clude ‘daily’, ‘weekly’, or ‘monthly’) 2 , and en­ter your mo­bile-data limit 3 in MB or GB 4 . Tap Next 5 then se­lect the day/date on which your monthly plan restarts (call your ser­vice provider if you don’t know this). Fi­nally, tap Do Later, then Close.


We’ll now show you how to set up alerts to en­sure you don’t ex­ceed your data limit. Tap Set­tings at the bot­tom right, My Alarms, then se­lect the Mo­bile tab 1 Here, en­sure that the En­able Alarms slider is switched on 2 . You’ll see that sev­eral types of alerts are switched on by de­fault 3 . Tap to uncheck the ones you don’t want. Fi­nally, tap Set Cus­tom Alarms 4 to cre­ate your own alerts – for ex­am­ple, when you near a mo­bile-data daily limit or use up a cer­tain amount of your over­all al­lowance. Go back, then tap Done 5 to set these alerts.

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