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Here’s a truly im­pres­sive num­ber: Google now scans 50 bil­lion apps ev­ery day across users’ phone and tablets to keep its Play store free of mal­ware.

This is per­formed by its new Play Pro­tect tool, which is be­ing added to any An­droid de­vice that has the Google Play app in­stalled. It runs con­tin­u­ously in the back­ground look­ing for apps that “step out of line”, which is Google’s eu­phemistic way of say­ing g apps that steal your per­sonal data, or in­fect your de­vice with an­noy­ing ing ad­verts.

You’ll see it scan­ning at the top of your screen when you have the Google Play app open. It will hope­fully give you the all-clear with a green shield and the mes­sage ‘No prob­lems found’ (see screen­shot). Also part of Play Pro­tect is the Find My De­vice app, whic which is the new name for Andr An­droid De­vice Man­ager. If you lose your phone or tabl tablet, you can lo­cate it on a map on­line on a com­puter. If it’it’s been stolen, you can remo re­motely lock it or erase data from it. Ap­ple users shou should use Find My iphone inst in­stead: www.snipca. co­com/24506.

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