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What you need: An­droid or IOS (phone or tablet); Any Win­dows PC Time re­quired: 25 min­utes

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ome­times you may come across cer­tain web pages that you’d pre­fer to read on your PC’S big­ger screen (such as longer ar­ti­cles or photo-heavy fea­tures). Both IOS and An­droid have use­ful free apps (Air Trans­fer and Roamit) that let you in­stantly send web page links from your phone or tablet to your PC (and vice versa). Both apps work slightly dif­fer­ently, so we’ve split the Work­shop into two parts. Skip to Step 5 if you use an An­droid de­vice.


On an iphone or ipad, in­stall and open the Air Trans­fer app ( www. You’ll see a list of cat­e­gories on the left 1 , a blank sec­tion on the right 2 and a mes­sage at the bot­tom left telling you your PC and IOS de­vice need to be con­nected to the same Wi-fi net­work 3 . Tap Done 4 . Air Trans­fer lets you send mul­ti­ple web pages to your PC in one go, but you first need to add these pages as Book­marks in the app, so tap Book­marks 5 .


To add a web page link, tap the ‘+’ icon 1 , type (or copy and paste) the URL link you want to send 2 , then tap OK 3 . The web page will open within the app so you can check it’s the cor­rect one. To add an­other link, tap the ‘+’ sym­bol again, then re­peat the process (you can add as many links as you want). To send these links to your PC, tap Cat­e­gory 4 , then tap the Wi-fi icon at the bot­tom left.


Now open any browser on your PC, type the IP ad­dress you see at the bot­tom left of the app into your browser’s ad­dress bar 1 , then press En­ter. On the web page that opens, you’ll see all the book­marks you added in a list. Tap the ar­row to the right of any book­mark 2 to open that web page. You can also send web page links from your PC to read on your phone or tablet. Sim­ply copy and paste the rel­e­vant URL into the Add Book­mark field 3 , then click the ‘+’ icon 4 . You can then ac­cess this link via the Book­marks sec­tion in the mo­bile app.


Air Trans­fer also lets you take notes on your phone or tablet, which you can then send to your PC. To do this, tap Text Me­mos on the app’s main screen, the ‘+’ but­ton 1 , then type your note. Re­peat this to add other notes 2 . When you’ve fin­ished, tap Cat­e­gory 3 , then fol­low the in­struc­tions in Step 3 to ac­cess these notes on your PC. To send other files (mu­sic, doc­u­ments and pho­tos), you need to up­grade to the paid-for ver­sion of the app (which costs £1.99).


If you use an An­droid phone or tablet, then in­stall Roamit (, tap Ac­cept, then open the app. Swipe across the in­tro­duc­tory screens, tap Sign In, log into your Mi­crosoft ac­count, tap Yes, Au­tho­rize, then Yes again to ac­cept the app’s per­mis­sions. On its main screen, you’ll see three op­tions - Clip­board, Send File and Pic­ture 1 . At the bot­tom, you’ll see a list of all the PCS con­nected to your Wi-fi net­work 2 . Se­lect the one you use.


From now on, when­ever you want to send a web page to your PC, you first need to open the share menu in your browser app, then se­lect Roamit. For ex­am­ple, if you use Chrome, tap the three dots 1 , Share, then se­lect Roamit 2 . You’ll see two op­tions - ‘Copy to Clip­board’ and ‘Send URL’. Se­lect­ing Send URL in­stantly opens the URL as a new web page in your PC’S de­fault browser. If you se­lect ‘Copy to Clip­board’, you need to open Roamit, then tap Open This Link On The De­vice to open the link on your PC.


Roamit also lets you send pho­tos and files (up to 5MB) from your de­vice to any Win­dows 10 PC. How­ever, to use this fea­ture you first need to in­stall the Win­dows 10 Roamit app ( Af­ter do­ing so, open Roamit on your phone or tablet, tap Send File or Pic­tures at the top, nav­i­gate to the rel­e­vant fold­ers on your de­vice 1 , tick to se­lect the files you want to send 2 , then tap Se­lect 3 . When the trans­fer is com­plete, you’ll see a no­ti­fi­ca­tion on your PC. ●

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