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High-street photo print­ers such as Snappy Snaps (, see screen­shot) and su­per­mar­kets like Asda ( of­fer digi­tis­ing ser­vices of your old home movies – in­clud­ing Su­per 8 and 8mm for­mats. You’ll re­ceive your con­verted footage on a DVD that’s ready to watch. Whether this is the best so­lu­tion de­pends on how much film you have and how much money you want to spend.

Snappy Snaps quotes a price of £35 for the first 200ft of film, then £10 for each ad­di­tional 100ft (your film reel will have its to­tal length printed clearly on it).

Asda is a quite a bit more ex­pen­sive, charg­ing £24 for 100 feet of film, then £24 for any ad­di­tional 100ft (plus £12.50 postage on top).

Leav­ing it to the spe­cial­ists will cer­tainly save you time and could be good value if you only have a few reels to con­vert, but the cost will soon mount up if you have hours and hours of film to re­store.

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