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In our photo, the door on the left 1 had been wrongly coloured green (in­clud­ing the glass) by Colorize. The door should ac­tu­ally be the same colour as those on the right 2 . To fix prob­lems like this first open your photo in


To en­sure you only change the area you want, use the Magic Wand tool. Click its icon 1 , lower the tol­er­ance to around 30 2 , then click the area you want to change 3 . Lower the tol­er­ance level if a big­ger area than you want is se­lected. If you haven’t framed all the area, hold Ctrl and keep click­ing to select more of it. You can use the Rec­tan­gle Select tool 4 to ex­pand the se­lected area. Hold down Ctrl, then draw rec­tan­gles over the ex­tra ar­eas you need.


With the area se­lected, you need to choose your new colour. In our ex­am­ple, we clicked the Colour Picker tool 1 , then clicked one of the doors on the right to make that our se­lected colour. Next, click the Re­color tool 2 , change the Hard­ness and Tol­er­ance slid­ers 3 to 100 per cent, then change the brush width 4 to a large size (20, for ex­am­ple). Now, with the left mouse but­ton held down, move your cur­sor across the area you se­lected ear­lier to re­colour it 5 .

2 4 3 1

3 3 4 5 2 1



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