‘Re­set’ your PC to make it faster

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I got so fed up with my HP Pavil­ion DV6 lap­top (which I up­graded to Win­dows 10) that I just wanted to sledge­ham­mer it and buy a new one. But I de­cided to give it one last chance.

First, I would like to point out that I had tried all the Cclean­ers of this world and to be hon­est my per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence is that they don’t help a slow­ing PC in the slight­est, and cer­tainly not mine. I de­cided that as I don’t re­ally need all the years of soft­ware in­stalls on my lap­top I would do a Win­dows 10 re­set, but keep the data files.

I clicked the ‘Re­set your PC’ but­ton (in­struc­tions at www.snipca.com/26005, see screen­shot) and let Win­dows 10 go on its way. I didn’t hold much hope for my age­ing lap­top, so this was the last-chance sa­loon. An hour or so later Win­dows 10 had re­in­stalled it­self and – wow! – it was like I had a new out-of-the-shop lap­top.

The Edge browser and web pages now load in split-sec­onds, in­stead of grind­ing away for a minute or so. I also no­ticed that all the driv­ers for the graph­ics card and sound card were up to date, and Win­dows 10 now loads in un­der a minute. Matt Kin­sey

Fol­low Mi­crosoft’s re­cov­ery in­struc­tions to re­set your PC – and make it faster

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