Synol­ogy Rt1900ac c

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£126134 from Tested: Is­sue 474

If you’re look­ing to up­grade an out­dated Here: All copy copied router, there are lots of dual-band and pasted from is­sue 802.11ac mod­els to choose from. This 489 onethis suit­sone­suit­smostal­most­broad­ban­dall­broad­band con­nec­tions that­con­nec­tions­don’tre­quire­and­hasanad­slplen­ty­mode­mo­fop­tions, and has­such­plentyassharingo­fop­tions,acon­nect­ed­suchasprint­er­sharingor a con­nect­ed­stor­age. printer or stor­age.

AL­TER­NA­TIVE Tp-link Archer C9

Not quite as fast, but this or the D9 (with ADSL mo­dem built in) is a sim­ple and ca­pa­ble router with a stylish de­sign. £100109 from

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