Can I get a re­fund af­ter three print­ers broke?

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QI bought a WF-5690 printer (pic­tured) from Ep­son for £309 in May. The first printer be­came faulty af­ter six weeks but Ep­son re­fused a re­fund say­ing it was al­lowed to re­place it. I’ve now had three re­place­ments be­cause one minute Ep­son says I can have a re­fund; then I can’t. I’m go­ing mad – please help! Martin Day

ASuch in­con­sis­tency could drive any cus­tomer to the edge of in­san­ity. Like Cur­rys in the case above, Ep­son is legally al­lowed one re­pair or re­place­ment af­ter the first 30 days. But when the first re­place­ment was found to be faulty it should have of­fered Martin a full re­fund. Be­cause it didn’t, fail­ing there­fore to com­ply with the Con­sumer Rights Act, we think Ep­son owes Martin a full re­fund. In nor­mal cir­cum­stances, af­ter six months a re­tailer would be able to deduct some money from a re­fund to re­flect how long the cus­tomer had used the item (as in the Cur­rys case).

There may be a prob­lem though. Martin ac­tu­ally paid £234 be­cause he had a £75 cash­back deal, mean­ing Ep­son needn’t re­fund the full price of £309. How­ever, he says the prob­lems led to him “wast­ing” more than £75 on Ep­son inkjet car­tridges. He’s legally en­ti­tled to ask Ep­son for this, and said a re­fund of £309 will cover it. Ep­son is “es­ca­lat­ing” Martin’s case, so we hope to have an up­date soon.

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