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TV Li­cence scam re­turns

I want to warn read­ers about an old scam that’s re­turned. A few years ago I re­ceived an email promis­ing me a re­fund on my TV Li­cence. It sounded too good to be true, so I checked by ring­ing them and they con­firmed it was non­sense. I got a sim­i­lar email in early Novem­ber, try­ing to tempt me with a re­fund of £85.07. Maybe scam­mers up their game near Christ­mas be­cause peo­ple like the idea of hav­ing ex­tra cash to spend. The TV Li­cence peo­ple have a web page warning about the scam: www. It never sends re­fund in­for­ma­tion by email.

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