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QI bought a Linx 810 Win­dows 10 tablet from Ama­zon Mar­ket­place trader GSM M. I tried to up­date the op­er­at­ing sys­tem but wasn’t able to. Linx told me I was sent the wrong tablet. But GSM M and Ama­zon say that be­cause 90 days have passed since pur­chase I’m too late to re­turn it. What can I do? John Mac­don­ald

AJohn can make a claim with Ama­zon. Fol­low­ing our in­ter­ven­tion, it has agreed to ex­tend the 90 days nor­mally given by its ‘A-to-z’ guar­an­tee ( 26295). He’s en­ti­tled to a full re­fund from the seller be­cause, as Linx has con­firmed, he was sent the wrong tablet. GSM M ei­ther posted in­cor­rect info in the prod­uct de­scrip­tion, or sent John the wrong tablet. This may have been an in­no­cent mis­take, but it’s still in­com­pe­tent.

We’ve ex­plained this to GSM M, but haven’t heard back. The com­pany, based in Bark­ing, has a good cus­tomer rat­ing – 93 per cent pos­i­tive over the past 12 months, based on 275 re­views ( www. This rises to 96 per cent for GSM M’s ‘life­time’ on Ama­zon, based on over 4,200 re­views. We’re hope­ful that, with a healthy rep­u­ta­tion to main­tain, the com­pany will see sense and re­fund John.

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