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Top speed of Linksys’s new EA8300 router

This Wi-fi router is ready to con­nect to an ex­ist­ing mo­dem, such as one sup­plied with ca­ble or fi­bre broad­band (it doesn’t in­clude an ADSL mo­dem), and could be a good re­place­ment for an out­dated model. Its tri-band tech­nol­ogy cre­ates one 2.4GHZ net­work, sup­port­ing older de­vices, and two on the less con­gested 5GHZ band (with MU-MIMO) to max­imise ef­fi­ciency with the lat­est prod­ucts. Band steer­ing is used to de­cide which net­work de­vices join, with a choice of schemes.

In our tests, the 2.4GHZ net­work wasn’t as fast as some, es­pe­cially across longer dis­tances. 5GHZ fared much bet­ter, at around 450Mbps down­load­ing and 200Mbps up­load­ing, fall­ing to around 375 and 125 in more dis­tant rooms. It’s not the best per­for­mance we’ve seen, but de­cent. Linksys’s se­tuptup web page is neat and sim­ple,ple, al­though fea­tures like parenta­larental con­trol are fairly ba­sic. IGMP prox­y­ing is not sup­ported, so live You­viewvi chan­nelshael such as BT Sport won’t work.

The EA8300 nor­mally sells for £140, but at the time of writ­ing it’s dis­counted by Very to just £100. That makes it well worth con­sid­er­ing. At the reg­u­lar price, it’s a de­cent router but noth­ing spe­cial. If you al­ready have a rea­son­ably mod­ern router, with Gi­ga­bit Eth­er­net ports, but want to im­prove your cov­er­age, con­sider adding BT’S Whole Home Wi-fi mesh router (£180 from Ama­zon www.snipca. com/27228) in­stead. Other mesh sys­tems – which, un­like BT’S, in­clude a router – are more ex­pen­sive, but may be the right so­lu­tion­luti ffor big­big­ger ho­homes (ssee Iis­sue 523523, page 24 for more op­tions).

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