Cur­rports 2.5

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If you’re try­ing to di­ag­nose net­work prob­lems – ran­dom slow­downs or po­ten­tial ma­li­cious ac­tiv­ity, for ex­am­ple – use Nir­soft’s bril­liant Cur­rports. It ex­am­ines all the open ports on your PC and re­ports their ac­tiv­ity in real time. With its lat­est up­date, Cur­rports is even more use­ful. Now the tool dis­plays col­umns for Sent Bytes, Re­ceived Bytes and Sent Pack­ets, which lets you quickly es­tab­lish which ports are hog­ging your band­width. Cur­rports won’t dis­play this data by de­fault – the tool needs to be run­ning in ad­min­is­tra­tor mode (right-click the exe file and select ‘Run as ad­min­is­tra­tor’). Cur­rports is safe and won’t in­stall any junk on your PC – in fact, it’s a por­ta­ble pro­gram, so you don’t need to in­stall any­thing on your com­puter at all.

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