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• Choose how to list your apps: go to Set­tings, Apps, ‘Startup set­tings’, then click the drop­down menu to sort apps by name, state or how much they slow your PC when it starts. • Use Disk Cleanup: this has been moved to Set­tings, Stor­age Set­tings. • Cus­tomise your au­dio: go to Set­tings, Sound, ‘App vol­ume and de­vice pref­er­ences’ to tweak your au­dio set­tings to suit your tastes. • Ac­ces­si­bil­ity tools: these are now grouped by abil­ity, such as vi­sion, hear­ing and in­ter­ac­tion, to make them “eas­ier to dis­cover, learn and use”. Find them in the ‘Ease of Ac­cess’ set­tings. • See your ac­tiv­ity his­tory in Cor­tana: this lets you pick up in Cor­tana where you left off. Turn it on in Set­tings, Pri­vacy, ‘Ac­tiv­ity his­tory’. • Apps that run at start-up: this list has been moved from the Startup tab in Task Man­ager to Set­tings, Apps. You can dis­able them here. • Change key­board set­tings: these are found in the new Key­board Set­tings page, un­der ‘Time & Lan­guage Set­tings’. Here you can add and switch be­tween key­board lay­outs, and turn on au­to­cor­rect.

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