How do I stop this ‘hooter’ sound?

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QAfter the Win­dows 10 Fall Cre­ators Up­date (FCU), I have dis­cov­ered that the Peo­ple app now emits an an­noy­ing sound, like a ship’s hooter, when I press the Save but­ton af­ter up­dat­ing my con­tacts. I have searched the Set­tings screen and Con­trol Panel, but I can­not find how to dis­able this an­noy­ing sound. Please help. Richard Strange

AThis is the kind of thought­less ‘up­grade’ that should make Mi­crosoft blush with shame. An au­dio alert would be nice as an op­tion but cur­rently there’s no sim­ple way to dis­able this ping, so it’s ef­fec­tively com­pul­sory.

Af­ter lots of dig­ging around we iden­ti­fied the of­fend­ing sound file, (‘Sav­ing_­con­tact.wav’), which lurks in the Win­dows­apps folder. This folder is hid­den to pre­vent users med­dling with it. More­over, the file’s per­mis­sions are also pro­tected, so you can’t just go in and delete it, which any­way would cause an er­ror mes­sage from the Peo­ple app when it tries to save some­thing.

We’re sure that Mi­crosoft will even­tu­ally in­tro­duce on/off op­tions for Peo­ple’s new sounds, but if you’re not pre­pared to wait, we’ve fig­ured out a work­around – al­beit one that re­quires a deep breath be­fore pro­ceed­ing.

First, press Win­dows key+e to launch File Ex­plorer. Now se­lect the View tab, then click Op­tions and choose ‘Change folder and search op­tions’. In the Folder Op­tions box that ap­pears, click View. Next, in the ‘Ad­vanced set­tings’ pane, scroll down to find the ‘Hid­den files and fold­ers’ head­ing, then click to se­lect the ‘Show hid­den files, fold­ers and drives’ op­tion. Click OK to close the Folder Op­tions box.

Back in File Ex­plorer, you need to nav­i­gate to a folder sim­i­lar to C:\pro­gram Files\win­dows­apps\mi­crosoft.peo­ple_ 10.3.3472.0_x64__8weky­b3d8bbwe\ As­sets\sounds. We say ‘sim­i­lar to’ be­cause the ‘Mi­crosoft.peo­ple_ 10.3.3472. 0_x64__ 8weky­b3d8bbwe’ sub-folder name de­pends on your pre­cise Win­dows 10 ver­sion and up­date sta­tus, but it’ll cer­tainly be­gin with ‘Mi­crosoft.peo­ple’.

Now, as noted, you can’t sim­ply delete the ‘Sav­ing_­con­tact.wav’ file, be­cause it has a spe­cial pro­tec­tive per­mis­sion ap­plied (to pre­vent even ad­min­is­tra­tors mess­ing with it). So, first right-click ‘Sav­ing_­con­tact.wav’ and choose Prop­er­ties. Next, se­lect the Se­cu­rity tab and then, in the ‘Group or user names’ list, click to se­lect Ad­min­is­tra­tors then click the Ad­vanced but­ton (see screen­shot above).

Next, in the ‘Ad­vanced Se­cu­rity Set­tings for Sav­ing_­con­tact.wav’ box, se­lect the Per­mis­sions tab and, next to Owner, click Change (see screen­shot be­low left). Type your Win­dows ad­min­is­tra­tor user­name into the ‘En­ter the ob­ject name to se­lect (ex­am­ples):’ box, then click Check Names fol­lowed by OK.

Back on the Per­mis­sions tab of the ‘Ad­vanced Se­cu­rity Set­tings for Sav­ing_­con­tact.wav’ box, click Add fol­lowed by ‘Se­lect a prin­ci­pal’, type your Win­dows ad­min­is­tra­tor user­name, click Check Names then click OK. Un­der ‘Ba­sic per­mis­sions’, tick ‘Full con­trol’, then click OK.

At last you can do some­thing about ‘Sav­ing_­con­tact.wav’. Press F2 to re­name it, call­ing it some­thing like Sav­ing_ Con­tact.tmp. If you left things like this then Peo­ple would dis­play an er­ror when it fails to find ‘Sav­ing_­con­tact. wav’. So, fi­nally, use a free pro­gram like Au­dac­ity (­dac­ity to record a mo­ment of si­lence and save it as ‘Sav­ing_­con­tact.wav’ in the same folder as ‘Sav­ing_­con­tact.tmp’.

Change your Win­dows ad­min­is­tra­tor user­name to re­move the Peo­ple app’s an­noy­ing au­dio

To delete the au­dio file you need to ac­cess the Ad­vanced se­cu­rity set­tings

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