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What you need: Win­dows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 or 10

Most emails are just a few kilo­bytes in size. But if you’ve been us­ing an email ac­count for sev­eral years, you’ll know that your mail­box can creep up to un­man­age­able pro­por­tions – with pho­tos and other large at­tach­ments swelling it fur­ther still. This can even­tu­ally cause prob­lems. If you use an on­line web­mail ac­count, for ex­am­ple, it’s likely to have a strict stor­age cap – Gmail’s limit for free ac­count hold­ers is 15GB. And, in tra­di­tional email pro­grams, large mail­boxes can clog up your hard drive and cause per­for­mance prob­lems. That’s where Mail­store Home comes in. It can help you re­duce the size of your mail­box by safely ar­chiv­ing your old mes­sages.

It’s pos­si­ble your cur­rent email pro­gram or web­mail ser­vice may have a built-in way of ar­chiv­ing emails, but it’s likely to be fairly ba­sic and Mail­store has a num­ber of key ad­van­tages. The tool sup­ports a wide range of web­mail and email ac­count types, in­clud­ing Gmail and stan­dard POP or IMAP mail­boxes, as well as many pop­u­lar pro­grams, such as Mi­crosoft Outlook and Mozilla Thun­der­bird. Ar­chives can be eas­ily searched if you want to read an old mes­sage or re­trieve an at­tach­ment. Plus, Mail­store Home pro­vides built-in backup tools and a sim­ple re­store func­tion that puts old mes­sages back where they were if nec­es­sary.

Ver­sion 11 is a ma­jor new re­lease that adds even more fea­tures, in­clud­ing ad­vanced re­cov­ery tools. The archive search tool has also been speeded up and tougher en­cryp­tion is now em­ployed to pro­tect your emails.

Mail­store Home is safe to in­stall and doesn’t load any junk dur­ing in­stal­la­tion. You can, how­ever, opt to in­stall the pro­gram to an ex­ter­nal drive (see Step 1 be­low), which is use­ful if you want to cre­ate a por­ta­ble email archive. If you want to in­stall Mail­store Home on to an ex­ter­nal drive in­stead of your PC’S hard drive, con­nect your drive, then run the in­staller and se­lect the ‘In­stall por­ta­ble ver­sion on drive…:’ op­tion. To archive an email ac­count, click ‘Archive E-mail’ on the left. For web­mail ac­counts, type the ad­dress, click the Ad­vanced drop­down menu and se­lect your ac­count type if it’s listed, or click Start and fol­low the prompts. If you’re ar­chiv­ing mes­sages from an email pro­gram or from a file, click the rel­e­vant icon un­der ei­ther ‘E-mail Clients’ or ‘E-mail Files’ and fol­low the prompts. To search your email archive for a mes­sage or an at­tach­ment, click in the Quick Search Archive box, type a key­word and click Search. For ad­vanced search op­tions, click ‘Search E-mail’ in the left-hand menu.

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