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First, a re­ally good and much ap­pre­ci­ated ar­ti­cle on VPNs by Clive Web­ster (Shop­per 354). It would have been great to have had a re­view of some of them at the end of the ar­ti­cle to sug­gest which ones are the best free ones and which are the best paid for ones.

Hope­fully you can clar­ify one part: it says in the ar­ti­cle that “our favourite paid-for VPN is NordVPN”. How­ever, back in the Jan­uary is­sue you made Ex­pressVPN a Best Buy and it is still in the Best Buys sec­tion as the go-to VPN.

So which of these two is best and why? Stephen

Hav­ing used both prod­ucts per­son­ally, we have to say that Ex­pressVPN just edges it. It’s ex­cep­tion­ally fast, very ver­sa­tile and has con­tin­ued to give ac­cess to US Net­flix when other prod­ucts have failed.

In terms of the ISP email is­sue raised by Mike, this is a prob­lem that will af­fect all VPNs. To get round it, you’ll most likely need to set any VPN to con­nect to a UK server. And you’ll need your ISP to sup­port ver­i­fi­ca­tion, so that you can log in to send email.

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