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MI­CROSOFT SEEMS IN­TENT on ru­in­ing Skype. Once the go-to app for in­ter­net calls and in­stant mes­sag­ing, it’s now the most an­noy­ing bit of junk that I have to use on a daily ba­sis. With Win­dows 10, Mi­crosoft de­cided to pre-in­stall the new Win­dows Store ver­sion of Skype. Launch­ing as a beta, the new ap­pli­ca­tion worked, right up un­til the point that the fi­nal ver­sion was re­leased.

At this point, Skype de­cides it would log me out. No prob­lem, I think, as I en­ter my well-known user­name and pass­word. Only this time, Skype tells me I’ve made a mis­take and that the de­tails are wrong. So I re­type, and get the same thing. I care­fully re­type the in­for­ma­tion, look­ing closely at each key, and get the same er­ror mes­sage. So I open up Notepad, type in my user­name and pass­word, and care­fully check ev­ery­thing is right, be­fore copy­ing and past­ing into Skype. Still noth­ing. I an­grily click the for­got­ten pass­word link, fol­low the on­line in­struc­tions and re­ceive a re­set code to my mo­bile phone. New pass­word cre­ated, it’s back to Skype, where the new de­tails still don’t work. I down­load the old Skype app for Win­dows (the one with a proper in­staller). My user­name and pass­word work, and I’m back in. I’ve now got a work­ing Skype client, al­though I’ve had to change my pass­word for no good rea­son. All is well with the world – un­til a week or so later when I have to use my lap­top. I de­cide to in­stall the tra­di­tional client, but then hit a snag: I can’t re­mem­ber my new Skype pass­word. Time to re­set my user­name and pass­word again. And, given that my orig­i­nal pass­word wasn’t com­pro­mised, I think, ‘I’ll en­ter that’. Only, Mi­crosoft won’t let me re­use an old pass­word when re­set­ting a pass­word. As a re­sult, I de­cide to go for some­thing clever, like ‘ihateskype’ fol­lowed by my orig­i­nal pass­word. It’s ac­cepted, and I have the mi­nor vic­tory of typ­ing some­thing rude about Skype. It’s a bril­liant move, un­til I need to re-en­ter the pass­word on my main com­puter, and can’t quite re­mem­ber the an­gry phrase I used; most likely be­cause I was too an­noyed at Skype to pay proper at­ten­tion. Arghhh! I think I may just delete Skype; any­one that wants to get hold of me should send a pi­geon.

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