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Our bench­mark suite uses open-source soft­ware that runs on Win­dows, Mac OS X and Linux sys­tems. This lets us use ob­jec­tive re­sults to com­pare PCs and lap­tops, no mat­ter which op­er­at­ing sys­tem they run. It’s de­signed to test each com­puter to its limit, us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of in­ten­sive im­age-edit­ing, video-en­cod­ing and mul­ti­task­ing tests.

We ran the tests on our ref­er­ence PC, which has an In­tel Core i5-4670K processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and an AMD Radeon R7 260X graph­ics card. We nor­malised our re­sults so this PC had a score of 100. This makes it easy to draw com­par­isons be­tween test sys­tems.

The re­sult­ing over­all score is shown at the bot­tom of ev­ery PC and lap­top re­view. As we use the same tests in our stand­alone and group test re­views, you can com­pare the per­for­mance of any com­puter, whether it’s a hy­brid, lap­top or desk­top, from both sec­tions of the mag­a­zine.

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