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I pur­chased a new power sup­ply re­cently be­cause my old one seemed to be let­ting me down. I bought an EVGA 750W G3, only to dis­cover that it was con­sum­ing 30W of elec­tric when it was not con­nected to the com­puter and was just plugged into the mains.

As it was a mod­u­lar PSU I took all the leads out and switched on the rocker switch at the rear, which was us­ing 30W. Think­ing it was faulty, I con­tacted EVGA who said that in that con­fig­u­ra­tion, it should use noth­ing, and that if it was con­nected to the com­puter and in standby mode it should use be­tween 1W and 5W.

So I re­turned it and bought an EVGA 650W P2, which to my amaze­ment was us­ing 20W when not con­nected. I then made some checks and tested sev­eral com­put­ers, in­clud­ing dif­fer­ent peo­ple’s, and an­other PSU, and found that they all used be­tween 20W and 28W.

Why are there not any warn­ings that these items will con­sume elec­tric­ity when they’re shut down and that you should make sure you switch them off at the mains? I’m sure this could be a fire risk. Gra­ham John­son

PCs shouldn’t draw a lot of power when turned off. Mea­sur­ing a test PC here, we found that it was us­ing 1.5W when pow­ered off, which seems right to us. How were you mea­sur­ing the power us­age? We use plug-in power mon­i­tors here, but there’s a chance that your mea­sur­ing equip­ment is throw­ing up a false read­ing.

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