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I have been putting HTML on the web as a hob­by­ist for about 20 years. I’ve al­ways sub­scribed to the phi­los­o­phy that con­tent is more im­por­tant than pre­sen­ta­tion, although I try not to go too far with the ‘pre­sen­ta­tion doesn’t mat­ter’ at­ti­tude. And HTML4 does what I want to do.

My bet­ter half is try­ing to em­brace HTML5, be­cause that’s ‘progress’. And yet, desul­tory read­ing, and a chal­lenge thrown down in what seems to be a good ‘how to do CSS/HTML5’ fo­rum, has failed to turn up the an­swer to the fol­low­ing ques­tion: if HTML 5 is so won­der­ful, why is it so hard to do some­thing sim­ple in it?

All I want is HTML to put some text on the screen, which will flow nicely as users re­size the win­dow they’re us­ing, which I see as their right. And I want some im­ages on the page, which will re­size as the win­dow frame is changed. How hard can it be? Tom

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