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THE MORE YOU use a PC, the more clut­tered it be­comes, weighed down by left­over tem­po­rary files, or­phaned Reg­istry keys and a host of other junk.

WashAndGo 18 can re­verse all this, restor­ing your sys­tem’s orig­i­nal per­for­mance, and not just by emp­ty­ing the Re­cy­cle Bin and clear­ing your brows­ing his­tory. In­stead, it uses a deep knowl­edge of Win­dows and hun­dreds of ap­pli­ca­tions to lo­cate ev­ery sur­plus file and Reg­istry key, giv­ing your sys­tem the most thor­ough clean pos­si­ble.

WashAndGo 18 analy­ses your sys­tem and re­ports on the re­sults. This starts with the ob­vi­ous junk, the Re­cy­cle Bin, crash dumps and temp files, but our test PC also had files from Adobe Reader, Ir­fanView, iTunes, Word, Skype, uTor­rent and VLC Me­dia Player, as well as many megabytes of for­got­ten files.

We’re of­ten sus­pi­cious of ap­pli­ca­tions that ask to delete so much in­for­ma­tion. If they make a mis­take, then there’s no telling what might hap­pen: in the worst case, you might crip­ple your PC.

For­tu­nately, WashAndGo 18 al­lows you to stay in full con­trol. If you view its re­port and de­cide that you don’t want to clear any Java files, say, just clear a tick­box and they’ll be left alone.

The pro­gram will also back up any files it deletes, keep­ing them for two weeks. If WashAndGo 18 does cause a prob­lem for some rea­son, all you have to do is re­store the backup. Once you’ve run enough man­ual cleanup op­er­a­tions to be con­fi­dent the process is safe, you can have WashAndGo 18 run au­to­mat­i­cally, either when Win­dows starts, once a day, or on some pre­ferred sched­ule of your own.

RE­QUIRE­MENTS Win­dows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 32/64-bit, 50MB disk space WEB­SITE www.abelssoft.net NOTES Get your reg­is­tra­tion code from within the ap­pli­ca­tion

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