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SMART LIGHT SWITCH Light­waveRF Gen 2 £185 www.light­ Light­waveRF has just up­dated to Gen 2. You get the same high-qual­ity metal light switches and power sock­ets, but bet­ter LED com­pat­i­bil­ity and two-way com­mu­ni­ca­tion (so you can see your light switches’ cur­rent set­tings). The base kit gets you the smart hub and one light switch; ad­di­tional switches cost from £60. If you want the best-look­ing light switches, these are the ones to go for. Ap­ple HomeKit, Google Home and Ama­zon Echo are all sup­ported, as is IFTTT. SMART LIGHT BULBS Philips Hue £45 www.ama­ Philips Hue is the best-known smart light bulb sys­tem, and the best. The cheap­est starter kit gets you the Hue Bridge and two white bulbs; you can buy more ex­pen­sive kits with tem­per­a­ture or colour­chang­ing bulbs. Philips sup­ports most light fit­tings (bay­o­net, E27, E14 and GU10, plus there are LED strips), and has the widest range of wire­less strips. There’s a range of wire­less con­trols, in­clud­ing a re­mote light switch and mo­tion sen­sor, too. Ev­ery voice as­sis­tant is sup­ported, as is IFTTT. SMART OUT­DOOR CAM­ERA Ne­tatmo Pres­ence £230 www.cur­ Ne­tatmo Pres­ence is a great out­door se­cu­rity cam­era. It can tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween peo­ple, an­i­mals and cars, cut­ting down on the num­ber of false alarms you get. Its recog­ni­tion skills mean that you can set it to have the pow­er­ful se­cu­rity light turn on only when it de­tects peo­ple.

Ex­cel­lent video qual­ity and a smart app make this a great prod­uct for mon­i­tor­ing the front of your house. Footage is recorded to SD card, but you can link a Drop­box ac­count for on­line backup, too.

A full IFTTT chan­nel lets you con­trol other de­vices when the cam­era de­tects mo­tion. Slightly fid­dly in­stal­la­tion, which re­quires the cam­era to be wired in per­ma­nently, is a bit of a pain. SMART OUT­DOOR CAM­ERA Nest Cam Out­door £179 The Nest Cam Out­door is the easiest cam­era we’ve ever in­stalled, con­nect­ing to an ex­ter­nal power socket. Once set up, it can mon­i­tor per­ma­nently, record­ing footage to the ex­cel­lent, but ex­pen­sive, Nest Aware sys­tem. Smart de­tec­tion means that the cam­era won’t warn you about blow­ing fo­liage, and we’ve had very few false alerts from our cam­era. The Nest Cam Out­door can also recog­nise the dif­fer­ence be­tween move­ment and peo­ple, send­ing a spe­cial warn­ing if a per­son is de­tected. For in­door mon­i­tor­ing, you can pair this cam­era with the Nest Cam In­door or the high-pow­ered, 4K Nest Cam IQ. Nest Cam IQ is com­pat­i­ble with IFTTT. SMART SE­CU­RITY SYS­TEM Honey­well Evo­home Se­cu­rity £168 theevo­home­ If you want to alarm your home, the Honey­well Evo­home Se­cu­rity sys­tem is the best that we’ve tested. It has pet-safe mo­tion de­tec­tors, and win­dow/door sen­sors to cover your en­tire home. Uniquely, there’s also a cam­era mo­tion sen­sor, which can grab a low-res im­age so you can see what trig­gered the alarm.

Honey­well lets you trig­ger the alarm through re­mote key­fobs, RFID tags or your smart­phone, giv­ing you plenty of ways to con­trol your sys­tem. For the best re­sults, buy the sys­tem with the GPRS in­ter­net con­nec­tion, so that the bat­tery-pow­ered sys­tem can keep work­ing in all sit­u­a­tions. There’s cur­rently no IFTTT sup­port or voice as­sis­tant in­te­gra­tion, but Evo­home Se­cu­rity nails the ba­sics and gives you a ro­bust, pow­er­ful alarm sys­tem that you can con­trol from any­where.

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