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The wide va­ri­ety of smart heat­ing sys­tems are all ca­pa­ble of run­ning your ra­di­a­tors more ef­fi­ciently and giv­ing you re­mote con­trol. If you want full room-by-room con­trol, the Honey­well Evo­home is the best choice. Its con­trol panel and quick ac­tions are built for mul­ti­room con­trol, mak­ing it the most pow­er­ful (and ex­pen­sive) sys­tem on test.

If you want a mul­ti­room sys­tem on a bud­get, we rec­om­mend the Dray­ton Wiser Heat. It’s ex­cep­tional value and works bril­liantly. It’s a lit­tle sim­plis­tic com­pared to some of the com­pe­ti­tion, but that may well suit a lot of po­ten­tial users.

If you want to start with a smart ther­mo­stat, the Tado sys­tem is the best choice. With its ex­cel­lent app and ge­olo­ca­tion, it can run your heat­ing au­to­mat­i­cally. What’s more, with the Smart Ra­di­a­tor Thermostats, you can ex­pand the sys­tem to give you pow­er­ful room-by-room con­trol later.

If you just want a smart ther­mo­stat and don’t need to up­grade, we rec­om­mend the Nest Learn­ing Ther­mo­stat 3rd Gen­er­a­tion. It has the best-look­ing and most in­tu­itive con­trols of any sys­tem and has an ex­cel­lent app to back it up.

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