K375s Multi-De­vice

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With its three-way con­nec­tiv­ity and de­vice stand, this is ideal for those wed­ded to their phones

WE LOOK AT key­boards that swap be­tween desk-bound PCs and mo­bile hand­sets on the go later in this group test, but the K375s Multi-De­vice sits some­where be­tween these por­ta­ble boards and tra­di­tional of­fice mod­els. It’s full-sized and isn’t meant to leave your desk, but is fully wire­less and can freely switch be­tween any Win­dows, Mac, Chrome OS, An­droid and iOS de­vices you have.

To this end, it in­cludes a univer­sal smart­phone/tablet stand in the box, and can pair with up to three de­vices at once, switch­ing be­tween them with the three white hotkeys in­te­grated into the num­ber key row. One of these will likely be your main PC, which can con­nect di­rectly via a USB re­ceiver, while Blue­tooth 4.0 al­lows for an ad­di­tional two.

It’s a nice lit­tle setup, even if we mostly stuck to just two de­vices. Even this al­lowed us to tin­ker with a Word doc­u­ment on our main screen, then with a press of a but­ton, swap to our smart­phone (placed se­curely in the stand) to re­ply to Slack mes­sages with­out min­imis­ing Win­dows or even tak­ing our hands off the

key­board to work the mouse. Switch­ing be­tween de­vices is quick – not in­stan­ta­neous, but fast enough – and the key­board will re­mem­ber de­vice as­sign­ments even if you re­move one from its wire­less range.

We did have a mi­nor hic­cup dur­ing setup: while the K375s Multi-De­vice uses the same 2.4GHz Log­itech Uni­fy­ing re­ceiver as most other Log­itech key­boards, this was the first time we had to down­load and in­stall a Uni­fy­ing soft­ware client be­fore the key­board would con­nect. Pre­vi­ously, this re­ceiver has al­ways been plug and play, and it’s not clear why the K375s Multi-De­vice is dif­fer­ent.

Still, this wasn’t so much a prob­lem as a sur­prise, and pair­ing via Blue­tooth is easy, too. The BakkerElkhuizen Ul­traBoard 940 Com­pact Key­board can con­nect to a greater num­ber of de­vices at once, but it’s a lot more ex­pen­sive, and doesn’t have the full di­men­sions and tenkey num­ber pad like the K375s Multi-De­vice. We also ap­pre­ci­ate how Log­itech’s model comes with a sep­a­rate stand, so you can po­si­tion it wher­ever you want.

Ad­mit­tedly, the sim­ple rub­ber dome de­sign makes for a softer, less pris­tine typ­ing sen­sa­tion than any me­chan­i­cal or scis­sor-switch key­board, but it’s com­fort­able enough for the money. The keys have a matt tex­ture and are slightly con­cave, which helps con­di­tion your fin­gers to type more ac­cu­rately by aim­ing dead for the mid­dle. It’s also quite quiet, which might deny touch-typ­ists their au­di­tory feed­back but is good for work­ing in shared spa­ces.

There’s no back­light­ing – in fact, there’s not even an in­di­ca­tor light for Caps Lock – but at least this helps ex­tend bat­tery life, which is rated at up to two years. The K375s Multi-De­vice uses stan­dard AAA batteries, so you’ll need to re­place these your­self.

Even with a few nig­gles, we like the Log­itech K375s Multi-De­vice as a cheaper al­ter­na­tive to the likes of the Filco Ma­jestouch Con­vert­ible 2 and the Ma­tias Quiet Pro. Those mod­els are much bet­ter for ex­tended typ­ing ses­sions, but the flex­i­bil­ity of Log­itech’s key­board is a rare qual­ity.

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