BRING YOUR DNA-GAME Fi­nally! A ge­netic ex­cuse to eat Mon­ster Munch. Maybe…

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If you thought DNA tests were only for po­lice data­bases and The Jeremy Kyle Show, think again. Ge­netic anal­y­sis is the lat­est health trend to di­vide and mul­ti­ply. Us­ing DNA test­ing, health ex­perts are now cre­at­ing be­spoke diet and ex­er­cise plans, de­signed around your ex­act nu­tri­tional needs. Com­pa­nies like Pure Ge­netic Life­style even of­fer an at-home test*, which, in ex­change for a swab of saliva, can tell you ev­ery­thing from your in­di­vid­ual vi­ta­min needs to the rate your body breaks down al­co­hol. Hell, even spas are get­ting in on the DNAwave with new ‘ge­net­i­cally guided well­ness pro­grammes’ pop­ping up all over the Swiss Alps. It’s un­clear at the moment to what ex­tent test re­sults can be ma­nip­u­lated. Be­cause if there’s a way we can make the con­sump­tion of freak­shakes seem like a med­i­cal ne­ces­sity, we will to­tally do that.

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