What’s the deal with … Em­brac­ing spots?

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Want to nuke your break­outs with ev­ery dry­ing, sting­ing po­tion you’ve got? Don’t bother. Be kind and lov­ing to them in­stead. You’re kid­ding. I’m not. Zits are largely an in­flam­ma­tory prob­lem, and need sooth­ing and re­pair­ing, not strip­ping and ir­ri­tat­ing. Or they’ll get worse. Fact. Where do I start? No spot-clear­ing cleanser should con­tain al­co­hol or SLS (harsh sul­fate de­ter­gents) – look for ones that specif­i­cally omit them, so your all-im­por­tant skin bar­rier stays in­tact. Pick one with sal­i­cylic acid (pu­ri­fy­ing, anti-in­flam­ma­tory) and leave it on for a minute be­fore rins­ing. What else? Hy­drate! If you don’t, spots leave per­ma­nent marks. Pu­ri­fy­ing oils with sal­i­cylic acid or black cumin can be mirac­u­lous; they both heal and clear, with­out clog­ging pores. A gel mois­turiser with se­bum-reg­u­lat­ing, calm­ing and gen­tly peel­ing in­gre­di­ents, plus mat­ti­fy­ing, oil-ab­sorb­ing min­er­als, is per­fect as well. What about on-the-spot prod­ucts? I’m re­ally im­pressed with sul­fur. It draws out oil and filth and kills acne bac­te­ria, but it’s gen­tle, too. It stinks of gone-off eggs, but who cares? Dot it on overnight and wake up with sub­ju­gated zits. The only spots left will be on that Dal­ma­tian.

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