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Get a glow­ing com­plex­ion this au­tumn with a multi-use skin­care prod­uct that can be used on your face and right down to the tips of your toes

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Your skin­care rou­tine should be at the fore­front of your mind as you tran­si­tion from sum­mer to au­tumn. Months of UV ex­po­sure can leave your skin look­ing and feel­ing de­hy­drated, un­even and ready for a much-needed hy­dra­tion hit. That's when you need the UK’s best-sell­ing* spe­cial­ist skin­care oil and cult prod­uct, Bio-Oil. This multi-task­ing skin­care saviour com­bines a unique blend of vi­ta­mins A and E with nat­u­ral plant oils that all work to­gether to im­prove the skin’s health and elas­tic­ity.


Bio-Oil is clin­i­cally proven to help im­prove the ap­pear­ance of scars and stretch marks**, but also acts as a great base for make-up. A lit­tle goes a long way, so ap­ply a few drops to the face as a primer be­fore your foun­da­tion for a dewy, glow­ing com­plex­ion. As it’s a dry oil, it rapidly ab­sorbs into the skin with­out leav­ing a greasy film. For pro­fes­sional make-up artist Anita Keeling, it’s her go-to skin­care prod­uct: “If a model has come back from a long flight and her skin is look­ing tired, I love to ap­ply Bio-Oil to in­stantly hy­drate and tone down any puffi­ness.”


Crank­ing up the cen­tral heat­ing (as well as other ex­ter­nal fac­tors, such as ex­treme weather) can strip away your skin’s nat­u­ral oils. Bio-Oil works by lock­ing in the skin’s mois­ture and re­duc­ing the rate at which your skin nat­u­rally loses wa­ter. The added boost of nat­u­ral plant oils such as cell-re­gen­er­at­ing cal­en­dula and sooth­ing chamomile, plus vi­ta­mins A and E, help to im­prove your skin’s mois­ture lev­els, elas­tic­ity and gen­eral health.

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