“It was a proper ro­mance”

Stu­art Hony­church, 23, is a grad­u­ate from Lon­don

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When I met Rianne, she sat down be­side me at the open day and I clocked her straight away: she was so pretty with th­ese unique hazel eyes. I made an ef­fort to speak to her later, be­fore adding her on Face­book and ask­ing her out.

We met up a few times be­fore start­ing univer­sity to­gether, and the more time I spent with her, the more I felt a strong spark grow­ing. She’s very open, and I liked that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. We were se­ri­ous about each other, but it was never in­tense. When I told her I loved her, it just felt right – I knew I was fall­ing for her and I felt I had to say it. It was a proper ro­mance. Some­times we’d catch each other’s eye while we were out with friends and we’d just start smil­ing. I al­ways remember those lit­tle mo­ments.

But about a year in, we be­gan drift­ing apart. I was ques­tion­ing whether this was the right thing when we were still so young. Then when I went to Viet­nam for the sum­mer, it be­came clear it wasn’t work­ing. I missed her a lot, but I was do­ing so much with my mates that I couldn’t text her that of­ten. When I got back, we spoke and agreed to call it off. It wasn’t nice at first, but it wasn’t a bad break-up.

The date felt like how it was with us at the start, be­ing to­gether in a ro­man­tic sit­u­a­tion. It was quite flirty – we had a few jokes look­ing back on our re­la­tion­ship – and it was nice to see how much we’ve both grown up, es­pe­cially when I think about what I might have done dif­fer­ently. I still fancy her, but it’s early days.

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