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Hold up, we thought the point of mi­cel­lar wa­ter was that it was, like, a no-rinse cleans­ing wa­ter (the clue be­ing in the name). So what’s with all the mi­cel­lar oils, foams and wipes?! Sorry, what’s a mi­cel­lar again? Mi­celles are tiny clus­ters of sur­fac­tants (soapy cleans­ing agents) and oil droplets, tra­di­tion­ally sus­pended in a wa­ter base. They in­volve de­ter­gents?! Yes, but in most cases, mild ones. It’s all in the team­work: the oil bit at­tracts se­bum and dirt, al­low­ing for sur­fac­tants (which lift the lot off the skin) to be gen­tle, as the oil’s al­ready done half the work. Al­though mi­celles can ac­tu­ally be made with sul­phates (skin-strip­ping sur­fac­tants such as sodium lau­reth sul­phate and TEA-lau­ryl sul­phate), so check the in­gre­di­ents! Then what’s a mi­cel­lar foam? It has the ben­e­fits of a mi­cel­lar wa­ter (on­estop gen­tle cleans­ing and make-up dis­solv­ing) with­out the need for cot­ton wool: just rub a pump or two onto your face (even over your eyes) and rinse. And mi­cel­lar oil? It’s an oil with mild sur­fac­tants in it. To be hon­est, that’s how most cleans­ing oils are for­mu­lated, so I’m not sure that ‘mi­cel­lar’ isn’t just a buzz­word here. Same goes for mi­cel­lar cleans­ing milks. …Mi­cel­lar wipes? Mi­cel­lar-wa­ter rules ap­ply. Be sure they don’t fea­ture sul­phates, and use spar­ingly: like mi­cel­lar wa­ter, they do leave sur­fac­tants on the skin, and you don’t want these to build up, even if they’re ul­tra gen­tle. My ad­vice: rinse af­ter­wards.

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