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Preg­nancy, child­birth and even high im­pact sports con­trib­ute to a weak pelvic floor. And they lead to those ‘lit­tle leaks’. You know, when you laugh too much! Or you sneeze or cough! 85% of women think it’s nor­mal and just part of life. 1 in 3 women suf­fer with leaks. 1 in 2 will suf­fer from a pro­lapse! The World Health Or­gan­i­sa­tion say that in­con­ti­nence is pre­ventable and treat­able. It is not just part of get­ting older. Be proac­tive and you can avoid those lit­tle leaks and pro­lapses, have a bet­ter sex life and give you a flat­ter tummy too. Want to know how? Just visit If you’re se­ri­ous about a strong pelvic floor and bet­ter qual­ity of life, en­ter COSMO17 at the check­out or call our Cus­tomer Care Team on 01482 496932 and quote

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