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So­cial sci­en­tists now ad­vise striv­ing for firm work-life bound­aries, as op­posed to stress­ing your­self out try­ing to main­tain a per­fect (and, let’s face it, elu­sive) “balance”. They’ve de­fined three styles of bound­ary set­ters: the sep­a­ra­tor (who com­pletely switches off from work out­side of the 9-to-5), the in­te­gra­tor (who di­vides work and per­sonal time into smaller chunks dur­ing the day – usu­ally re­served for those in a high enough po­si­tion to stroll out of the of­fice for a spa ap­point­ment at 3pm, then re­turn at 5pm to fin­ish a re­port), and the cy­cler – those who have weeks of in­tense graft­ing, fol­lowed by more chilled time, such as ac­coun­tants or sea­sonal busi­ness own­ers. Stud­ies show hav­ing time out can make em­ploy­ees more pro­duc­tive, so take that to heart and let your­self re­ally clock off. If this sounds im­pos­si­ble, limit your­self to one hour on Satur­days and write draft mes­sages, but don’t send them un­til Mon­day – week­ends aren’t the time to kick-start a con­ver­sa­tion. There are plenty of smoothie bowls to be In­sta­grammed and ’90s club nights that de­serve your at­ten­tion in­stead.

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