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1. What are the es­sen­tial items for a coun­try wardrobe?

Choose an all-weather wa­ter­proof jacket, a clas­sic pair of light­weight welling­ton boots, a pair of neat wear­able trousers, a cash­mere jumper and a fan­tas­tic trilby hat.

2. How do you strike the right bal­ance be­tween prac­ti­cal­ity and style for coun­try pur­suits?

Buy­ing items suitable for the oc­ca­sion is a must (with the cor­rect tech­ni­cal de­tails as nec­es­sary), but women should also look for items with a stylish and funky twist, as dress­ing prac­ti­cally doesn’t have to mean bor­ing!

3. What state­ment piece should be in ev­ery woman’s coun­try wardrobe?

A fab­u­lously fit­ted tweed jacket – look out for un­usual lin­ings, quirky mis­matched but­tons and bright con­trast­ing turn-up col­lars.

4. What makes the per­fect pair of welling­ton boots?

When buy­ing new boots, con­sider com­fort and dura­bil­ity and whether an an­kle or full-length pair would suit your needs best (but buy both, if bud­get al­lows: an­kle boots are easy for short walks and gar­den­ing). When de­cid­ing on the cor­rect size, think whether you’ll need to add shear­ling in­soles and thick fleece welly socks or shoot­ing stock­ings, even garter ties.

5. And the per­fect coun­try out­er­wear?

Pri­ori­tise prac­ti­cal­ity but don’t for­get fit and style. Think about your life out­doors: is it enough for a coat to be merely show­er­proof or does it need to be com­pletely wa­ter­proof with an added wa­ter­proof mem­brane? For shoot­ing, for ex­am­ple, would mul­ti­ple pock­ets, a noise­less fab­ric and hand-warmer pock­ets be use­ful when choos­ing your out­er­wear? Choose wa­ter­proof, breath­able, durable tech­ni­cal and waxed cot­ton fab­rics, plus cash­mere for knitwear and cot­ton for tops. When dress­ing for coun­try pur­suits, lay­ers are key! At Bices­ter Vil­lage, we have all the coun­try la­bels: Bar­bour, Hunter and N. Peal.

COUN­TRY DRESS­ING Bices­ter Vil­lage’s chief stylist Fiona Hunt­ing­ford shares the se­crets of clas­sic Cotswolds au­tum­n­wear

Bar­bour at Bices­ter Vil­lage

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