The re­mark­able co­in­ci­dence that brought two dachshunds to the Cotswolds

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Sir, I have just read and loved your Pets edi­tion of Cotswold Life and I thought I had to share with you the in­cred­i­ble “meant to be” story of our beloved eight -year-old dachshunds Mork (on left) and Mindy.

Com­ing up to seven years ago in Jan­uary we lost our loved dachs­hund Rosie and hes­i­tated about get­ting an­other dog for about three days but hated the empty house. I felt my hus­band and I were too old to cope with puppy so looked to re­home an older dog.

I rang up the dachs­hund club in Ire­land as we used to live there but they said they would send me de­tails of breed­ers but that no one ever handed in older dogs. How­ever, half an hour later I got a phone call to tell me that a lady in Ire­land had just rung them to say she had a god-daugh­ter liv­ing in Lon­don who was preg­nant and was look­ing to re­home her two dachshunds aged two years old. I rang the lady and said I was in­ter­ested and to give my num­ber to the girl who owned them.

In the mean­time, one of my daugh­ters rang to say she had sent photos of the dogs to a friend and this lady had been walk­ing on Wandsworth Com­mon half an hour ear­lier and had met a girl who was ob­vi­ously preg­nant, was Ir­ish and was call­ing for Mindy. They were liv­ing about 10 min­utes from my daugh­ter who went to see them that evening. She brought the dogs down to us two weeks later, and M&M are now very well known res­i­dents of Long­bor­ough, and we adore them. Ev­ery­body who has heard this story makes the same com­ment - meant to be! He­len Pen­ney Long­bor­ough


Sir, My wife and I al­ways en­joy your com­ments and the Au­gust edi­tion is spot on. I would like to add my lo­cal town of Up­ton-on-sev­ern to your list. Our Main Street is full of char­ity shops and funeral di­rec­tors.

I will, how­ever, point out that I drive a BMW and al­low oth­ers to join queues in front of me. P S Badger Han­ley Swan


Sir, The in­ter­est­ing thing about your Au­gust edi­to­rial the pos­si­ble im­po­si­tion of car park­ing charges is the tacit un­der­stand­ing that gov­ern­ment and lo­cal coun­cils are a per­ma­nent and in­tractable fix­ture.

The thing about them is they were put there to rep­re­sent our in­ter­ests, but some­how they have mor­phed into this ob­du­rate face­less blob hell bent on wreck­ing our towns, our coun­try and our econ­omy.

We live in in­ter­est­ing times. We have politi­cians who are less and less likely to tell the truth or fol­low the law, a Trumpesque be­hav­iour we seem to be be­com­ing used to.

Sadly we ig­nore the ob­vi­ous. Why would any­one want to be­come an MP or coun­cil­lor? It’s not well paid, pop­u­lar or even very en­joy­able.

At what point do we sit down with our peers and try to un­ravel why a cer­tain town flour­ishes while an­other floun­ders? Who and where are the strate­gists?

We have be­come con­di­tioned to ac­cept the needs of busi­ness as an im­per­a­tive. The dis­man­tling of checks and bal­ances to fa­cil­i­tate busi­ness growth has be­come the norm. Re­mov­ing build­ing in­spec­tors in favour of self cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in the build­ing in­dus­try, speeds up the process and cuts red tape, but al­lows tower blocks to be clad with com­bustible cheap ma­te­rial.

I want to live in a town where I can park. I want to use in­de­pen­dent shops sell­ing sus­tain­able pro­duce. I want a lo­cal doc­tor, satel­lite hospi­tal, com­mu­nity school and child­care. I don’t want peo­ple to be home­less and I want the vul­ner­a­ble to be sup­ported.

I am happy to pay tax for that, not to pay to bail out the bank­ing sec­tor.

Go fig­ure. Katie Agnew Bad­sey

Mork and Mindy

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