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Visit andy.watt.568 Andy’s In­sta­gram: All the­guardian.com/cul­ture/ Ears col­umns: series/michael­hold­en­sal­lears House of Rock: A satir­i­cal an­i­ma­tion that aired on Chan­nel 4 from 2000 to 2002, re­volv­ing around the af­ter­lives of some of the world’s most fa­mous rock stars, in­clud­ing Kurt Cobain, Marc Bolan, John Len­non and Fred­die Mer­cury. ‘A Mess of Igua­nas, A Whoop of Go­ril­las… an Amaze­ment of An­i­mal Facts’: writ­ten by Alon Shul­man and il­lus­trated by Andy Watt is pub­lished by Pen­guin.

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