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The sta­tion in the Welsh town of Conwy, which is ap­proached via a Robert Stephen­son­de­signed rail­way bridge com­plete with crenel­lated tow­ers, ap­pears too large to be a re­quest stop. It owes its ex­is­tence to a piece of 19th-cen­tury van­dal­ism: Stephen­son’s de­ci­sion to blast a hole through the town’s me­dieval walls to pro­vide rail ac­cess

Bri­tain’s short­est sta­tion plat­form is at Ber­ney Arms in Nor­folk. Sur­rounded by marsh­land, the sta­tion serves one of the coun­try’s re­motest pubs—and lit­tle else

Ex­ton sta­tion in east Devon has one of the low­est plat­forms in Bri­tain. The drop from train to plat­form causes sig­nif­i­cant prob­lems for those with heavy lug­gage or im­paired mo­bil­ity

The An­gle­sey sta­tion of Llan­fair­p­wll­gwyn­gyll­gogerych­wyrn­drob­wl­l­l­lan­tysil­i­o­gogogoch was given its long, tongue-twist­ing name in the 19th cen­tury as a pub­lic­ity stunt to lure tourists. It does, how­ever, boast the only sta­tion foot­bridge on the is­land

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