Know your plant galls

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1 Robin’s pin­cush­ion is found on the shoots of hedgerow wild roses in the sum­mer months

2 Witches’ brooms in­fest the crowns of birches, horn­beams, cher­ries and some other na­tive trees all year round

3 Oak cherry galls ( pic­tured) are found on the un­der­side of oak leaves. Sim­i­larly spher­i­cal, com­mon brown mar­ble galls and oak ap­ple galls oc­cur on oak twigs

4 The knop­per gall ru­ins the acorns on our na­tive oaks and the turkey oak in the sum­mer ev­ery few years

5 The nail gall is a com­mon fea­ture of na­tive lime trees in early sum­mer. Sim­i­lar ef­fects can be seen on the sur­face of wil­low trees and are only of con­cern to those who see a deeper sig­nif­i­cance in such man­i­fes­ta­tions

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