3. Stone steps

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My favourite of them all—at least to look at. Typ­i­cally, these project from the flanks of a dry-stone wall and are sim­ply un­dressed treads with­out ris­ers. They are not only part of the fab­ric of the wall, but also have that can­tilever qual­ity, which re­quires a cer­tain faith in the mind of any­one us­ing them. All is typ­i­cally well un­til you reach the top, when re­al­i­sa­tion dawns that you will have to pirou­ette to face the other way be­fore de­scend­ing the other side, as the stones are the same on both sides. These are, rea­son­ably enough, called through stones (pro­nounced thruff in north­ern parts).

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