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IREAD Coun­try Mouse’s piece ‘Don’t get ticked off’ (Septem­ber 7) and was pleased that it brought the read­ers’ at­ten­tion to ticks and lyme dis­ease, but I be­lieve the ad­vice re­gard­ing the re­moval of ticks to be in­cor­rect. In fact, the tick should be grasped and ro­tated (twisted) un­til it de­taches com­pletely. There are sev­eral dif­fer­ent tick-twist­ing re­moval tools avail­able ei­ther through pet shops or on the in­ter­net. Un­for­tu­nately, to grasp the tick with tweez­ers and pull at it in an up­ward di­rec­tion would lead to the tick’s head or mouth­parts re­main­ing in the body, lead­ing to pos­si­ble in­fec­tion. Terri Perry, Isca D’archi, Italy

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