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Con­is­ton No: 9. Cum­bria. 8.5%. Like an aris­to­cratic Sauternes. Honey, marzi­pan, cognac Andy Wil­liams, Moon River

In­dia pale ale

Thorn­bridge Jaipur IPA 5.9%. Derby. Ripe man darin, ly­chee hop as made for 1820s In­dia Queen, Bo­hemian Rhap­sody flutes are brought into play for light lagers, adding theatre but con­serv­ing their del­i­cate aro­mas. All are served at a tem­per­a­ture to suit the beer.

Fi­nally, health. Now, this might seem an un­likely topic, but it is im­por­tant and mis­un­der­stood that beer has no fat or choles­terol and fewer calo­ries than or­ange juice. It gives sil­ica to bones and is a good source of B vi­ta­mins and min­er­als such as mag­ne­sium and potas­sium. And, as I drink mine from a tulip wine glass, I keep my in­take mod­est while ap­pre­ci­at­ing every nu­ance of the bar­ley or hop.

When I am dic­ta­tor, I shall push this health mes­sage fur­ther by tak­ing those iconic Bri­tish pubs to my bo­som and di­min­ish­ing taxes for every beer sold within their walls. Pubs pro­vide the ul­ti­mate so­cial get-to­gether and, with a glass of beer to hand, they will help me avoid the ec­cen­tric­i­ties of my lap­top or the ex­pen­sive psy­chi­a­trist’s couch.

Queen Vic­to­ria, of all peo­ple, once re­marked: ‘Give my peo­ple plenty of beer, good beer and cheap beer, and you will have no revo­lu­tion among them.’ I think the lady was right.

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