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Veer slightly off the beaten bri­dle­ways of the Dayles­ford triangle and head into War­wick­shire to find glo­ri­ous Cotswold coun­try­side within reach of Lon­don. Canny buy­ers are do­ing just that, finds Ara­bella Youens

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POST­CODE snob­bery has mostly dic­tated that any­one buy­ing a coun­try house in the Cotswolds wants a GL or OX ad­dress, but, since the ad­vent of faster and more reg­u­lar ser­vices from Ban­bury to Lon­don Maryle­bone (and eas­ier park­ing thanks to the multi-storey that opened in 2014), the vil­lages of south War­wick­shire—in par­tic­u­lar, the CV36 area—are gath­er­ing ap­peal. ‘The area is a bit of a hid­den gem,’ be­lieves Jonathan Bramwell of The Buy­ing So­lu­tion (01608 690780). ‘Once, the north­ern bound­ary for the Cotswold buyer who needed to be in Lon­don might have been the Chip­ping Nor­ton to Ban­bury road, but the axis has started to move north­wards, with buy­ers look­ing at the vil­lages around Ship­ston-on-stour and those ly­ing north and south of the B4035.’

How­ever, per­suad­ing buy­ers of the easy com­mute still rep­re­sents a chal­lenge for some, cau­tions Nick Rudge of Sav­ills in Ban­bury (01295 228000). ‘We had a Swiss cou­ple look­ing to buy some­where with easy ac­cess to Bices­ter sta­tion. Hav­ing not found any­thing af­ter some time, they were per­suaded to con­sider Ban­bury and were amazed at the ease of their jour­ney and the pretty coun­try­side, plus they found they could then af­ford a big­ger house, with more land and pri­vacy for less money.’

Agents agree that the mo­ti­va­tion to con­sider this area isn’t just down to ac­ces­si­bil­ity to Ban­bury sta­tion, but also to price. ‘Due to the rip­ple ef­fect, buy­ers are be­ing priced out of ar­eas to the east as they’re look­ing too ex­pen­sive as a re­sult of the fash­ion­able Soho Farm­house and Dayles­ford draw,’ ex­plains Jonathan. ‘Buy­ers are now look­ing at Ship­ston-on-stour, where they can find more value for money, but are still lo­cated a 15– to 20-minute drive from these hotspots.’

Matthew Allen of Fine & Coun­try’s of­fice in Ban­bury (01295 239666) agrees that you can get ‘more for your money’ in War­wick­shire. De­spite the fact that some of the best vil­lages in this area—in par­tic­u­lar Ilm­ing­ton and Arm­scote—lie be­yond the mag­i­cal 1½-hour com­mute, with the in­creas­ing trend in home-work­ing and three- or four-day of­fice-based weeks, that’s no longer a bar­rier to many buy­ers.

One ob­sta­cle that can’t be over­come is ac­cess to the pop­u­lar Ox­ford schools, so buy­ers tend to be ei­ther ‘refugees from Ox­ford­shire who’ve been look­ing to buy some­thing for so long that their chil­dren have now left school’, ac­cord­ing to one agent, or those who are look­ing for the same un­du­lat­ing coun­try­side in a qui­eter vein and far re­moved from the tourist buses that do the rounds of the choco­late box Cotswolds towns dur­ing the sum­mer months.

‘There are very few com­pro­mises that we have to con­sider when buy­ing for our clients in this area,’ says

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