The most no­to­ri­ous episode was the sub­ju­ga­tion of the north of Eng­land by fire and the sword

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Wil­liam the Con­queror’s ef­forts to un­der­stand his new realm and to un­der­line his claim to be the right­ful suc­ces­sor to its throne also iron­i­cally served to change Eng­land’s per­cep­tion of it­self. His cel­e­brated Domes­day sur­vey, for ex­am­ple, quan­ti­fied the realm in a way un­think­able be­fore. No less im­por­tant was the fact that 1066 it­self be­came a defin­ing his­tor­i­cal hori­zon; the date from which English kings were num­bered, from which land own­er­ship had to be traced and from which fam­i­lies claimed de­scent. It was as if ev­ery­thing be­fore it could be com­fort­ably rel­e­gated to obliv­ion. And, to judge from

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