Play it by ear: seven rea­sons to lis­ten to vinyl

Country Life Every Week - - In The Driving Seat -

❍ Youõll dis­cover new and ex­cit­ing mu­sic. In the process of search­ing for records to buy, you will al­most cer­tainly come across won­der­ful mu­sic and artists you have never lis­tened to be­fore

❍ You’ll be­come more dis­cern­ing. The time and ef­fort it takes to put on a record tends to con­cen­trate the mind. You’ll stop lis­ten­ing to things you aren’t re­ally that in­ter­ested in

❍ Youõll get more from the mu­sic you lis­ten to. You have to stay in one place to lis­ten to an LP and, be­cause there are fewer dis­trac­tions (you wonõt be driv­ing, jog­ging or do­ing any­thing else), youõll be able to fo­cus on it

❍ Vinyl sounds much, much bet­ter. Noth­ing else can pro­duce the warm, rich sound of an LP

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