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HE fox has ripped the heads off the ducks to­day. I slipped on the fox poo (have you ever smelt fox poo, by the way?), iron­i­cally by the tram­po­line, on my way to the hen house to col­lect the eggs, but they were all gone as the ‘cute’ grey squir­rels had got there first. Have you ever seen a grey squir­rel up close? It’s ac­tu­ally a large rat, clev­erly dis­guised in a pretty fur coat.

And then to Brock. We love him dearly, but ro­man­ti­cis­ing him at the time of a painful de­bate over culling is not help­ful. Speak to your Waitrose farm­ers if in any doubt.

As for the hedge­hog, now he re­ally is cute, if not a lit­tle en­dan­gered. What would be a great present is a hedge­hog house at the end of the gar­den and wak­ing the chil­dren up by moon­light to see the hogs for­ag­ing about. Fiona Wol­lo­combe, Nor­folk


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