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School for Scoundrels Terry-thomas played one role re­peat­edly and played it well, that of the weak, phi­lan­der­ing, swin­dling, up­per-class bounder

Peter Cush­ing, Ian Mcdiarmid and Christo­pher Lee in the orig­i­nal ‘Star Wars’ saga Ge­orge Lu­cas turned to some of our finest clas­si­cally trained ac­tors to bring a touch of grav­i­tas to his swash­buck­ling space saga. Bal­anc­ing Alec Guin­ness’s noble Obiwan Kenobi is an ar­ray of vil­lains har­ness­ing the Dark Side in beau­ti­fully de­liv­ered RP— and, in Cush­ing’s case, un­seen car­pet slip­pers

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