Re­light my fire

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The key to a great fire is the detail: dry kin­dling, sea­soned wood and ten­der, lov­ing care. Lay a care­ful pile of kin­dling in the shape of a te­pee in the cen­tre of the fire­place and fill it with a cou­ple of pieces of scrunched-up news­pa­per, mak­ing sure there is room for the flames to breathe around the wood. Build the te­pee shape up around the kin­dling with dry, split logs, mak­ing sure these are of a man­age­able size.

When the wood is burn­ing con­vinc­ingly, add larger logs on top and ap­ply your bel­lows to the base of the fire to cre­ate an ex­tra whoosh of oxy­gen (if you use them too early on, you risk putting the fire out).

If you have a good base, the fire will burn with just an ex­tra log and a breath from the bel­lows.

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