Horticultural aide mem­oire No. 4: Prune black­cur­rants

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The black­cur­rant is a sim­ple and galumph­ing sort of shrub with few, but dis­tinc­tive, re­quire­ments. Now is the time for its an­nual prun­ing. The idea is to re­move one-third of the shoots right down to the ground with se­ca­teurs or lop­pers. The shoots to re­move are the old­est ones, so that a new third of growth ap­pears on each bush each year. If the bush it­self is new, plant it so that the base of the shoots is just be­low ground level and amaze your neigh­bours by cut­ting the whole lot to the ground. There­after, adopt the an­nual sys­tem out­lined above.


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