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Wil­liam Hog­a­rth: A Com­plete Cat­a­logue of the Paint­ings El­iz­a­beth Ein­berg (Yale, £95)

This is an ad­mirable cat­a­logue raisonné, with am­ple and per­cep­tive de­tail on sit­ters, set­tings and the his­to­ries of the paint­ings. Hog­a­rth’s justly fa­mous Cap­tain Co­ram (left, 1740) must be one of the most per­fect images of a good man and one whose en­ergy is so ap­par­ent that it seems im­pos­si­ble that he will sit a mo­ment longer. Among the ap­pen­dices is the cat­a­logue of Mrs Hog­a­rth’s 1790 sale. Huon Mal­lalieu

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